Top of the Stacks is a specialty finance enterprise with offices in Denver, Colorado, and Orlando, Florida combining the experience of several individuals in Business Development, Operations, Investor Relations and Marketing. We are not a direct lender but do have a direct relationship with a lender and we review funding requests from companies that encompass a wide variety of industries in both mature and emerging markets.  

What you should know about our lender: 

• Asset based rather than credit based lending 
• Simple application process 
• Fast approval 
• Can look at all business types 
• Relationship oriented making renewals quick and easy 
• Financing structures available for all levels of credit risk  

Top of the Stacks provides debt and equity financial services direct to principals of private entrepreneurial companies mainly through introductions generated from working relationships with dozens of intermediaries, globally. The background of the Top of the Stack principals creates a “get it done” environment where the process from initial review to due diligence verification to a lending decision and ultimately (assuming the decision is yes) a closing is measured in weeks, not months. We will do whatever it takes to get the project funded and can offer structuring techniques to assist but we also believe that there is nothing worse than a slow no.

Larry Lipman Bio

Larry Lipman resides in Englewood, Colorado and has been a serial entrepreneur for over 25 years, successfully starting businesses, taking one public and selling two of them. Additionally, Larry has been in the real estate business for 10 years. He has arranged millions of dollars for companies. He has been instrumental in business development in building several businesses through growth, mergers and acquisitions. Larry has created a program for qualified lenders to receive a loan within 30 days in most cases. Top of the Stacks is an innovative experience with true lending. Mr. Lipman holds a BSBA in Business Administration and Marketing from the University of Delaware.